Mankesav Academy

Mankesav Consulting offers free online coaching via its Mankesav Academy. We can do this thanks to the sponsorship of advertisers. Our coaching programs are available Worldwide and you can also receive free feedback and free One-to-One coaching. For now English and French are available as communication languages. Make us successful and we will add more languages!

The 7 Milestones Program:
100 steps to find your best job anywhere on Earth. (English)

Cross Cultural Coaching – EN

Coming soon
Accountable Leaders – EN

Coming soon

Programme “7 Milestones”:
100 étapes pour trouver votre meilleur job n’importe où sur la planète.
Cross Cultural Coaching – FR

Coming soon
Accountable Leaders – FR

Coming soon


For those who are not keen of viewing the adverts while studying, the above cursus will soon be available at a reasonable price. 

Online live cursus

Every year, a limited number of cursus are offered, Online and Live. You can book through our agenda or Eventbrite. These Sessions take place every year at the same dates, exactly, at NOON (12:00 PM), Greenwich Time (GMT+0/UTC), so you can plan some years in advance.

Online International Group Career Coaching

24 hours within 2 month

  • Session 1: January 03-04-11-12-19-20-27-28; February 04-05-12-13
  • Session 2: April 01-02-09-10-17-18-25-26; May 03-04-11-12
  • Session 3: July 06-07-14-15-22-23-30-31; August 07-08-15-16
  • Session 4: October 02-03-10-11-18-19-26-27; November 03-04-11-12

Price: 120USD / seat

Cross Cultural Group Coaching
  • Session 1: February 22-23; March 02-03-10-11
  • Session 2: April 27-28; May 05-06-13-14
  • Session 3: August 01-02-09-10-17-18
  • Session 4: October 28-29; November 05-06-13-14

Price: 290USD net per seat

Accountable Leaders Group Coaching
  • Session 1: February 20-21-28; March 01-08-09
  • Session 2: April 03-04-11-12-19-20
  • Session 3: July 08-09-16-17-24-25
  • Session 4: October 04-05-12-13-20-21

Price: 490USD net per seat

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