7 milestones program – 100 steps to your next best job – English

This course has been created in order to support individuals around the World in succeeding their career transition. By career transition, you can understand finding a new job as a job-seeker, changing your job as a currently-employed, or finding the new career that will match your personality as a bored-with-this work-life!

There is no magic in this: most of us start a career in a field due to our social and geographical origins, family pressure, parents expectations, needs of making a life… Reasons are numerous and different for each of us. When I started working for myself, I had to question myself on what I had to offer (and you will do too during this course, by setting up your value proposition). In my case, because of my personal history, my values and my personality, my vision has always been to help people finding the career that will make their life better. For years, I could offer these training and coaching to people who could pay for them, for the simple reason that we all need to pay our bills, included me! But, it has always been frustrating for me to not be able to offer my services to many people who would need them, without being able to afford. And that’s when I found this interesting idea.

Welcome to our really free online career coaching!

The coaching is completely free. It includes the courses, exercises, tests, feedbacks on your productions and Career-Coaching sessions. All this for free.

On this page, I will explain to you how it works and what you will have achieved when you finish the program. The next page will be giving you more details about me, why you can trust me, and then, you will be delivered the complete program in details, with timing, feedback and coaching sessions schedule. Then, you will start your own 7 milestones journey to find the job that will make your life better!

How does that work?

  1. Register
  2. Disable your ad-blocker,
  3. Watch 10 seconds adverts to move from one step to the next one,
  4. Earn points by completing free offers,
  5. Get free feedback whenever you want,
  6. Get free One-to-One Career Coaching Sessions whenever you want.

To join the whole program, you will just have to register to the website after the first class. It will be important there to disable your ad-blocker, otherwise you won’t be able to join to the course: just like Public Broadcasts, our website is funded by advertisers (don’t worry, they are very less than on YouTube, for example!) 

That is very simple, and that is how we can keep the program free.

What does “completing a free offer” means when it comes to earning points?
Usually, you will be offered to choose between completing a survey, or registering your email for a trial period. We have worked for you not to have to buy anything or submit your card details, so you should not see this kind of adverts (if it happens, then contact us for removal). As you can see, it is still free!


Tip: we suggest that you create a new email address that you will use to register and to complete to the various offers…

Earn points and get everything for free!

When you register with your email, you will receive your own account, which will be cumulating points: it is very easy. Every time you complete an offer, you will earn points. You can then use freely those points to get free feedback (600 points) on your productions or free One-to-One Coaching sessions (3000 points).

How to earn points?

    1. First, you can complete offers.
      You will have your own dashboard, enabling you to complete offers, get more points, and afford as many Feedbacks or Free Career-Coaching session as you need!

    2. Second, you can give us good reviews (1 good review = 1000 points). After giving us 3 reviews on selected consumer review websites, you will get a Free Career-Coaching session. We will contact you along the program to offer your the opportunity to do so.

    3. Third, you can subscribe (often for free) to our partners programs (such as Duolingo, Scribd, Amazon Prime Videos, Mind Valley…). Every validated subscription will allow you a high amount of points (depending on the program).

How to redeem points?

Whenever you want to have a Free Feedback or Free Career Coaching session, just go to the shop and use your points. That is positively simple, again!

What will you have achieved once the program finished?

We are offering you a Career-Coaching, which means that you will need to do efforts for you to find the job. We are not looking for a job for you, we give you all the best techniques to stop failing at finding a job. This course is not from a Harry Potter’s movie, so there are high chances that you will need to change some of the habits you have when looking for a new job or a new career: “I am not used to do like this” is not valid, as it is because you are not used to do like this that you don’t find the right job…

If you follow the program step by step and entirely, you will find your best job.

This is what you will be able to do when you complete the program:

  1. Making your Career Objectives clearer,
  2. Identifying precisely your values, expectations, skills and abilities,
  3. Knowing your limits and how to overpass them,
  4. Defining the job or career that matches your skills and abilities,
  5. Finding the (national and/or corporate) cultures matching your needs and to which you match the needs
  6. Establishing a job-search strategy to reach out the targeted companies
  7. Creating the best communication strategy regarding to your search, including:
    • your story-telling
    • communication channels
    • tools such as resume, cover letters and emails, professional networks profiles (which are not always LinkedIn)
    • Interview preparation and use of influence (“manipulation”) during interviews
  8. Landing the best job
  9. developing your Career

Tools we will use

To help you in your journey, we will provide you lots of tools that you will be able to use lifelong, especially:

  1. Myers Briggs personality instrument tools
  2. RIASEC tools
  3. Hofstede Cultural analysis tools
  4. Transferable skills tool
  5. Resume writing tools
  6. Network Enhancement and messaging tools

To start your program, click the button below. You will then have to register to follow the program. Attention: please use your real personal details and email address, otherwise you might encounter issues to get your rewards.

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